Zippered bolt rope strip

Zippered bolt rope strip

A zippered bolt rope strip is a great aide when setting up or tearing down a large canopy. The bolt rope on the canopy roof can be made as a separate piece that unzips from the body of the roof. First slide the narrow strip through the track then zip on the remainder of the roof and unroll onto the frame. During tear down you can lower the nose of the canopy onto the ground. With all the rafter pockets and pole straps released, you unzip the “Zip strip” and let the roof slide down the rafters.
If you have an optional “Tube storage bag” it can be laid out in the ground to accept the canopy roof. Just zip it and store it.


Zipper components

Zipper Components

The four major components of a separating zipper are the box, pin, teeth and slider. A separating zipper does just what its’ name says.. it separates like the zipper on a jacket. To engage the zipper start with the slider at the very bottom. Insert the “pin” through the slider and into the “box”. Pull the slider up the zipper “teeth” to the end. The end will have a zipper “stop”. (not shown here)