Canopy Styles

Your trailer or transporter can be outfitted with a variety of canopy styles that can be altered, added to, or even combined to fit your needs. The examples below are popular for racing and other sporting events as well as mobile marketing.


Standard Fully Enclosed Canopy

This style has vertical support poles offering a large footprint and weather protection. Skirt options for crowd control or nighttime security. Several uses including: Hospitality, garage, vending, dining or display set-ups.

Standard Cantilevered Canopy

This suspended style canopy does not require vertical poles around the perimeter. This allows free access for any type of vehicle or any number of customers. This is a very popular style for drag racers and vendors.

Standard Storefront Canopy

Storefront canopies are just like fully enclosed canopies except they have built in billboards for signage. Both ends and the front fascia are vertical line-of-sight panels great for branding. Or even re-branding!

Fully Enclosed/Rise Above Trailer

Same as the Standard Fully Enclosed but designed for shorter trailers (under 12’ tall). The “Rise above” feature provides proper drainage.

Cantilevered Rise Above

A suspended style canopy built for shorter trailers such as goose-necks or box vans. You still get the clearance you need with the right slope to keep the rain off your event.

Fully Enclosed Horizontal Projection

This style projects horizontally out from the trailer before sloping down to the outer eave. This allows the canopy to clear any tall doors or slide-outs.

Cantilevered Horizontal Projection

Suspended style canopy that projects horizontally before sloping down to the outer eave. This provides clearance for tall doors or slide-outs.

Fully Enclosed With Tapered Extension

This canopy has a tapered or “diagonal rafter” extension attached to the cab end. The extension can also be attached to the lift-gate or rear end.

Fully Enclosed With Straight Back Rafter Extension

The extension can be attached to either end of the main canopy. This style extension is often used to allow access to (or even hide) the tractor.

Fully Enclosed with Cab & Rear Extensions

Tapered or Straight Back style extensions can be added to the cab or rear ends – or both.

Curbside & Roadside Canopies – Rear Extensions and Lift Gate Wrap

This horseshoe shaped set-up can be extended completely around the trailer by adding cab end extensions and wrap. Imagine over 6,000 square feet of protected display area.

Arched Rafter Canopy

Arched rafters can be used on fully enclosed or cantilevered styles.