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Also called Keder or bead, bolt-rope is used to attach a canopy to a trailer and is sewn to the canopy roof. The bolt-rope is fed into the "C" track along the roof line of the trailer. On a standard setup, the bolt-rope is sewn to the canopy. For ease of installation, it can be...

Combination Skirts

Combination Skirts

"Combo" skirts are typically clear vinyl upper sections with solid fabric lower skirts. The lower skirts are called half height skirts and hang from horizontal poles. When used in combination, the clear uppers and solid lowers are connected with buckles and straps that loop around the pole through slits in the lower skirts. The lower skirts separate vertically...

Individual verses Continuous Half Height Skirts

Half height skirts provide a perimeter barrier while allowing visibility into and out of the canopy. These skirts are available in two versions. Continuous and individual. Continuous - Half skirts travel across the vertical support poles. The skirts are joined by zippers at the poles. The "Gary Fisher" skirt in the photo is a continuous skirt. Individual...

Rain Drain With Spout

Rain Drains with Spouts

Located between the rafters & towards the outer face of the canopy, these drains help prevent water from accumulating on top of the canopy which could cause damage. The spouts need to be deployed and free of obstructions when rain threatens. They can be rolled and stored in the convenient pouch when the weather is clear. Other drainage...

Roof End

The roof end is the triangular shaped piece that caps off the canopy roof at each end. It is typically sewn to the roof and is the same color. Contrasting colors are an option. When canopy extensions are used, the roof end becomes removable with a zipper flap. Roof ends are also referred to as "gables" or "wings".

Soil Skirt

The soil skirt is a 10" to 15" vinyl piece sewn onto the bottom of a full skirt or privacy skirt. It is intended to lay an inch or two on the ground to prevent dirt from blowing into the canopy. It also reduces wear on the skirts. Soil skirts are typically black but can be blue,...

Star Motorcycles Storefront


A Storefront style roof is available on fully enclosed canopies. The rafters create a peak which gives more headroom and creates the illusion of more space. The removable triangular shaped storefront allows for better graphics visibility from the ground than a standard slope roof.



A second layer of fabric around the outer perimeter of a canopy roof. This additional layer reinforces the roof at critical stress areas which extends the life of the canopy. The canopy underlay is a standard feature on all Larsens, Inc. canopies.



The valance is a small strip of fabric (usually 6" on a fully enclosed style) that hangs down from the front of the canopy roof. The valance hides the frame and is used to attach skirts. The valance can be the same color as the roof (standard) or a contrasting color can be chosen.



A window is a cut-out in a full skirt, usually filled with clear vinyl. Windows are either rectangular, rounded rectangular or domed. A standard window is permanently sewn in but, can be ordered with zippers along the top and down both sides. Other options include interior roll-up covers, faux panes, solid acrylic and tinting.  


Wired Rafters

Frame rafters can be wired internally for 110v or 220v receptacles. Pneumatic tubing can also be threaded through the rafters to deliver compressed air or other gasses.



A three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with long overhanging bow and stern. Note the fabric for the sails is a very early version of fabrics used for today's mobile canopies.


Zipper components

The four major components of a separating zipper are: box pin teeth slider A separating zipper does just what its' name says.. it separates like the zipper on a jacket. To engage the zipper start with the slider at the very bottom. Insert the "pin" through the slider and into the "box". Pull the slider up the zipper "teeth" to the end. The...