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Zipper components

Zipper Components The four major components of a separating zipper are the box, pin, teeth and slider. A separating zipper does just what its’ name says.. it separates like the zipper on a jacket. To engage the zipper start with the slider at the very bottom. Insert the “pin” through the slider and into the […]

Roof End Vent

Roof End Vent A roof end vent is a mesh insert with a roll-up cover. This vent provides ventilation for the canopy.


Spider The connector/coupling for rafters-spacers-vertical support poles

Spring pole

Spring pole The spring pole acts as an anchoring post for the side skirts and ground pole. It attaches to a bracket on the trailer at each end of the canopy. The foot base is spring loaded so it rides up and down depending on the weight in the trailer and the terrain.


Storefront A Storefront style roof is available on fully enclosed canopies. The rafters create a peak which gives more headroom and creates the illusion of more space. The removable triangular shaped storefront allows for better graphics visibility from the ground than a standard slope roof.

Extension Wrap

Extension Wrap A standard extension follows the line of the trailer (curbside or roadside). A wrap “turns the corner” around the front or rear of the trailer. It terminates on the opposite side. The photo shows a “rear extension wrap” turning the corner on the lift gate end of a semi.

Horizontal Brace

Horizontal Brace Used on cantilevered canopy frames, a horizontal brace stabilizes the rafter with a return to the trailer wall.

Roadside Mount

Roadside Mount Standard canopies mount onto the Curbside or Roadside of the trailer. A Roadside mount goes on the driver’s side of the trailer, facing the street. Sometimes referred to as a street side mount.

Instant Shelter

Instant Shelter Another term for pop-up or portable canopy. These freestanding tents set up quickly with little or no assembly required. Sizes range from 5′ x 5′ to 10′ x 20′. Custom printed covers are available. Larsens, Inc. is an authorized KD Kanopy distributor.


Flooring Flexible flooring like the Kiwi tiles shown here provide a clean, dry non-skid surface. Available as interlocking tiles or on rolls, this flooring can be transported to any event. Standard and custom colors are available. Great for outdoor use.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing refers to a broad array of branding practices deployed on-site at events frequented by potential customers. The key insight of mobile marketing is that companies should be where their target customers are. A great example that most people are familiar with is the traveling Oscar Mayer car that shows up at […]

Portico Style Entry

Portico Style Entry Unique entryways beckon people into your canopy or tent. This domed portico entryway is installed along the face of a storefront style canopy.


Duo-Tone Our Duo-Tone fabric is fire retardant and UV protected. Black on one side and white on the other this unique material serves multiple purposes. The canopy can be built with the white facing out (to reflect the heat) and the black facing in. The dark inside surface enhances monitor viewing. Flip the fabric over (black […]

Pole bags

Pole Bags Poles bags are made of heavy duty PVC coated vinyl with lengthwise zippers for easy loading. Sturdy handles for easy carrying. And reinforced (double layer) ends for ruggedness. They are available in sizes ranging from 10″ diameter x 104″ long up to 19″ diameter x 180″ long. Custom sizes are also available. These […]

Foot base – adjustable

Foot Base – Adjustable Vertical support poles are fitted with adjustable foot bases. The multiple adjustments help level the canopy on uneven surfaces. Spring poles (attached to each end of the trailer) adjust automatically depending on the weight of the trailer.

Privacy Skirts

Privacy Skirts Please see “Half Height Skirts”. For years we used the term “privacy skirts” to identify the 1/2 height skirts installed around the perimeter of a canopy. In an effort to be more descriptive and less confusing we will now refer to the lower 1/2 skirts as “Half Height” skirts.

Rafter Ring

Rafter Ring Also called a “pad eye”. The ring is attached to the trailer. The end of the rafter hooks into this ring.


Cantilevered Canopy A cantilevered style frame or canopy uses horizontal braces and creates unobstructed clearance under the canopy. This style typically does not have skirts. Also called a Suspended Canopy.

Rise Above Canopy

Rise Above Canopy The frame rises above the trailer roof line before sloping to outer eave. Used when trailer is too short to provide proper slope for watershed. Available on Cantilevered and Fully Enclosed canopies.


Projection The distance (horizontally) that the canopy projects out from the trailer.

Observation Deck Canopy

Observation Deck Canopy A trailer top canopy that offers a premier vantage point for viewing events. Also a prime place for corporate logos that can seen from great distances. Printable observation deck skirts are also available.

Half Height Skirts

Half Height Skirts Half height skirts create a perimeter barrier while allowing visibility into the canopy. These skirts can be individual or continuous. Individual skirts hang separately between each vertical support pole. Continuous skirts are connected with zippers and hide the vertical support poles. Half height skirts are sometimes referred to as “privacy skirts”, “pony walls” or “bally curtains”.


Bolt-rope Also called Keder or bead, bolt-rope is used to attach a canopy to a trailer and is sewn to the canopy roof. The bolt-rope is fed into the “C” track along the roof line of the trailer. On a standard setup, the bolt-rope is sewn to the canopy. For ease of installation, it can […]

Tie Down

Tie Down Attached to the canopy’s outer eave at each rafter to add stability to the canopy. The tie downs can be secured to the ground with stakes or lashed to weights (water barrels, cinder blocks etc.)


Keder The official name is “bolt-rope” and some refer to it as the “bead”. It is located along the top edge of the canopy roof and  fed into the “C” track along the roof line of the trailer. On a standard setup, the bolt-rope is sewn to the canopy. For ease of installation, it can […]

Gooseneck Trailer Set-up

Gooseneck Trailer Set-up Even short trailers such as goosenecks can accommodate our canopies. You simply add a “rise above” to create an elevated rear eave. The photo shows the “open frame” method (left end) and “tilt-up panel” method (right side).

Slide-Out / Slide-Out cover

Slide-Out / Slide-Out cover Also called a “Pop-Out”. Part of the trailer that slides out to extend to interior. These are often covered with a “Slide-Out cover” similar to a small canopy.


Windows A window is a cut-out in a full skirt, usually filled with clear vinyl. Windows are either rectangular, rounded rectangular or domed. A standard window is permanently sewn in but, can be ordered with zippers along the top and down both sides. Other options include interior roll-up covers, faux panes, solid Lexan and tinting.

Corral Skirt

Corral Skirt A corral skirt is a ground-level barrier used to surround an outdoor area adjacent to a trailer.

Roof end

Roof End The roof end is the triangular shaped piece that caps off the canopy roof at each end. It is typically sewn to the roof and is the same color. Contrasting colors are an option. When canopy extensions are used, the roof end becomes removable with a zipper flap. Roof ends are also referred […]


Underlay A second layer of fabric around the outer perimeter of a canopy roof. This additional layer reinforces the roof at critical stress areas which extends the life of the canopy. The canopy underlay is a standard feature on all Larsens, Inc. canopies.

Quick Pin

Quick Pin A locking pin inserted into holes in the frame to join two pieces together.

Soil Skirt

Soil Skirt The soil skirt is a 10″ to 15″ vinyl piece sewn onto the bottom of a full skirt or privacy skirt. It is intended to lay an inch or two on the ground to prevent dirt from blowing into the canopy. It also reduces wear on the skirts. Soil skirts are typically black […]


Length The canopy length is the measurement along the trailer. Typically the length at the outer eave (away from the trailer) is the same as the length at the trailer.

Pole Storage Bag

Pole Storage Bag Pole bags are a convenient way to organize your frame poles and foot bases for safe keeping. They are not, however, intended to store frame rafters. These bags are made of heavy duty vinyl with double layer reinforced ends, lengthwise zippers and handles on the ends. Standard sizes range from 10″ diameter […]

Spinnaker End

Spinnaker End A spinnaker end is attached to the trailer end of each rafter. The spring loaded hook is cocked using a cable that runs theough the rafter. The hook snaps into the rafter ring securing the rafter to the trailer.

Tube Storage Bag

Tube Storage Bag Long tubular bag for canopy storage. The tube bag is used in conjunction with a zippered bolt rope strip and is made to the length of the canopy. It serves two purposes. (1) To lay the canopy out lengthwise on the trailer roof during installation. (2) During tear-down it is laid out […]

Rain Drains with Spouts

Rain Drains with Spouts Located between the rafters & towards the outer face of the canopy, these drains help prevent water from accumulating on top of the canopy which could cause damage. The spouts need to be deployed and free of obstructions when rain threatens. They can be rolled and stored in the convenient pouch […]


Prefeeder Mounting hardware that helps guide the bolt-rope into the awning rail or “C” channel.

Extension Back

Extension Back The backdrop of an extension that reaches from the roof to the valance. On a tapered extension, it is shaped like a triangle. On a straight back rafter extension, it is rectangular in shape. Extension back skirts zip to the extension back.

Jack Rafter

Jack Rafter A short rafter that runs from the outer eave to the diagonal rafter on a tapered extension. It is designed to add rigidity to the canopy frame.

Awning Rail

Awning Rail Also called “C” channel, “C” track or trailer track. Holds the bolt rope or keder and keeps the canopy attached to the trailer.

Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers A crowd control barrier is a set of stand-alone half height skirts. These are typically used to define a workspace or relaxation area. The barriers also provide a great place for signage.

Wired Rafters

Wired Rafters Frame rafters can be wired internally for 110v or 220v receptacles. Pneumatic tubing can also be threaded through the rafters to deliver compressed air or other gasses.

Canopy Storage & Shipping Bag

Canopy Storage & Shipping Bag Our canopy and canopy skirts come with heavy duty vinyl storage shipping bags. These bags include a repair kit sewn inside one of the flaps and clear vinyl windows on the outside for shipping and identification labels. Each bag has two handles on each end and zippers to open and […]

Cocktail Strap

Cocktail Strap Canopies with zippered bolt rope strips include a “cocktail strap”. This strap relieves stress on the bolt rope zipper when zipping or unzipping the roof. Simply attach the hook to the end rafter ring. As you zip or unzip the canopy, the weight is borne by the cocktail strap and not the teeth […]

NHRA Racing Canopy

NHRA Racing Canopy The NHRA style canopy is another term for “cantilevered” or “suspended”. The canopy is supported entirely by the trailer with no vertical poles. These are very popular with drag race teams since they allow access for tall & long dragsters. They are also popular with boat racers and vendors. The outer eave is typically higher […]


Extension An extension adds to the length of the canopy by extending past the trailer end(s). The two most common styles are tapered (standard) and straight back rafter. The tapered style has a diagonal rafter extending from the trailer to the outside corner. The straight back style follows the same slope as the main canopy. […]

Chuckwagon Style Entry

Chuck wagon Style Entry The “Chuck wagon” style portico on his hospitality set-up allows access to the curbside, roadside or both canopies. Its distinctive “hooped” fascia provides an ideal space for branding.

Horizontal Projection Style

Horizontal Projection Style The frame projects horizontally (parallel to the ground) before sloping to the outer eave. Used when trailer has tall doors or slide-outs that may need clearance before sloping.

Curbside Mount

Curbside Mount Standard canopies mount onto the Curbside or Roadside of the trailer. A Curbside mount goes on the passenger side of the trailer, next to the curb when parked.

Full Skirts

Full Skirts Full skirts are used on “Fully Enclosed” canopies and could be considered walls. They zip to the interior of the valance and hang down to the ground. Typically full skirts are built in sections with zipper connections in two places along the face and 2 places on each end. Each of the sections […]


Valance The valance is a small strip of fabric (usually 6″ on a fully enclosed style) that hangs down from the front of the canopy roof. The valance hides the frame and is used to attach skirts. The valance can be the same color as the roof (standard) or a contrasting color can be chosen.

Footman Loop

Footman Loop A footman loop is a low profile metal bracket that provides an anchor point on the trailer to secure various sections of the canopy. Some of the common places they are utilized include: – The canopy roof ~ To tension the bolt rope end to end. – Roof ends ~ To tether the […]


Xebec A three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with long overhanging bow and stern. Note the fabric for the sails is a very early version of fabrics used for today’s mobile canopies.

Observation Deck

Observation Deck An area on the trailer roof top that can accommodate people for event viewing. They typically have railings (with or without skirts) and possibly a roof.


Yellowing Our canopy fabrics are treated with UV inhibitors to reduce the yellowing effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays. They are also treated to be mildew resistant and flame retardant to CSFM Title 19 specification.

Pit Canopy

Pit Canopy A free standing canopy used in pit row during motorsports races. They provide protection from the elements for the crew and equipment.

Ground poles & Threshold plates

Ground poles & Threshold plates Ground poles (typically 2″ round aluminum) are pinned to the foot base of each vertical pole. They lay on the ground around the perimeter of the canopy. These poles help stabilize the frame. Full height or 1/2 height skirts can be strapped to the ground poles. Flat Threshold plates can […]

Continuous verses Individual Half Height skirts

Continuous verses Individual Half Height Skirts Half height skirts provide a perimeter barrier while allowing visibility into and out of the canopy. These skirts are available in two versions. Continuous and individual. Continuous – Half skirts travel across the vertical support poles. The skirts are joined by zippers at the poles. The “Gary Fisher” skirt […]

Individual verses Continuous Half Height Skirts

Individual verses Continuous Half Height Skirts Half height skirts provide a perimeter barrier while allowing visibility into and out of the canopy. These skirts are available in two versions. Continuous and individual. Continuous – Half skirts travel across the vertical support poles. The skirts are joined by zippers at the poles. The “Gary Fisher” skirt […]

Combination Skirts

Combination Skirts “Combo” skirts are typically clear vinyl upper sections with solid fabric lower skirts. The lower skirts are called half height skirts and hang from horizontal poles. When used in combination, the clear uppers and solid lowers are connected with buckles and straps that loop around the pole through slits in the lower skirts. The lower skirts […]

Banners & Backdrops

Banners & Backdrops Specializing in large area printing on fabrics as light as sailcloth or as heavy as truck tarps. Offering mesh fabrics & solid fabrics e.g., PVC laminates, coated polyesters and nylon. Fire retardant, mildew resistant and UV treated.

Backdrop to Trailer

Backdrop to Trailer A typical “back drop to trailer” is a fabric panel used on “rise above” canopies. This vertical panel closes off the gap between the elevated top of the canopy frame and the trailer roof. A zippered connector for the back drop is standard on a Larsen “rise above” style canopy. Another method […]

Bally Curtains

Please see “Half Height Skirts” Bally Curtains are a term sometimes used in the industry for Half Height Skirts.

Pony Walls

Pony Walls Please see “Half Height Skirts” Another term sometimes used in the industry.

Adjustable collar

Adjustable Collar Half height (privacy) poles typically come with adjustable collars. This allows the horizontal pole to be raised or lowered depending on the set up surface. This pole is used to hang “half height skirts” or to act as a “sill” for zip down windows.

Zippered Bolt Rope Strip

Zippered Bolt Rope Strip A zippered bolt rope strip is a great aide when setting up or tearing down a large canopy. The bolt rope on the canopy roof can be made as a separate piece that unzips from the body of the roof. First slide the narrow strip through the track then zip on […]

A/C Cut-outs

A/C Cut-outs Custom cut-outs can be added to the canopy’s skirts or roof-ends to accommodate any A/C or heating unit. These cut-outs can be built with roll-up covers for when the units are not installed.