“You guys are one of our best vendors to deal with.”

American Suzuki Racing

Ray TethertonAmerican Suzuki

“The colors are vibrant; the digital output is extremely detailed and clear. We are extremely satisfied with both the design of the awning itself and the result of the graphics Larsens provides.”

Goulian Aerosports

Mike and Karin Goulian

Mike and Karin GoulianGoulian Aerosports

“Always excellent service!”

GMR Marketing


Kyle TomilinGMR Marketing

“Larsens provides quality products in the tightest of turnaround times.”

Craftsmen Industries

Jaclyn NikodymCraftsmen Industries

“Thanks to you and your team for a nice addition to our rolling display. Your canopy does a great job of protecting our products and customers from the elements. The canopy helps us create a better customer experience by being able to creatively display our products. It is very well made and the design is very easy to set up and take down. We are enjoying it immensely.”

Harris Leather & Silverworks

Phil HarrisHarris Leather & Silverworks